Author Topic: Tiger 955 start button kill power somethimes  (Read 1163 times)

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January 12, 2017, 11:59:42 PM on

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hello happend something strange in my bike

I also ride little now and I did not ride with her there for 2 months or so but I always take the battery and I always have my home connected to the charger once a week for maintain the battery good.

so i put the battery on, put good fuel etc and conect  the 12.9v charged battery. then key on, light on, power swirch on and I can hear the fuel pump, then engine cranks and wont start!! try again, and again and BUM all death when i press start button again with a short circuit noise!! i remove battery cables and install them again and battery ok, light on etc same deal cranks etcetc and BUM same short circuit and all death!! very strange!!

Even more crazy is that i asked my girlfriend  to press the start button when I press the clutch to make a video about the problem  and BAM bike start no problem with her pressing start switch !! What's wrong, motorcycle spirit dont like me??i ride little :(

see all fuses are good

thank you for help

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So first place to look is the clutch switch.  Just disconnect it and join the two wires together.  If it starts, well there you go.....
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