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The earth lead terminal on my Tiger has a split in it.What would be the best way to repair it?The lead is part of the loom so its not just a case of carefully cutting off the old terminal and going and getting a new one crimped on.I did think about running a new separate earth lead.

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It will work as good as "U" terminal for now. You won't miss any volts because of it...

But I look forward to my terminals breaking so I can replace them like below. I bought these of eBay, search for 6... 8... AWG ring terminal. Just look for the ones made with a tube. I put shrink tubing as far as it will go to the terminal. Make sure you buy the right size hole.

Also, buy a crimper with that ball shape in it. You can crush the heck out of it with those and once you heat shrink it... you won't see the dimple.